Thinspiration: 4 Fat Burning And Weight Loss Secrets

Turkey, ham and dressing… oh my. If you are looking to lose that holiday weight, here are 4 secrets to quicker, long-lasting results…

Prohormones May Help.

Though not immediately thought of outside the bodybuilding world, prohormones can help promote weight loss and lean muscle mass. If you are afraid that these fat burning supplements will make you bulky, consider this… They have been used by super-tiny celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan to quickly lose unwanted weight. You should make sure you are healthy prior to beginning prohormones, however. They are considered very safe, but should not be taken by people with certain conditions. Do your research first.

Steer Clear of Meal Programs.

While meal programs that deliver special, low calorie food to your door can help you to lose weight. It is difficult to maintain that weight loss when you go off of the specific foods. Additionally, these meals tend to be highly processed, so while you are getting a lower calorie meal, you are trading one bad thing for another. The truth is that these plans can get expensive. You can eat healthily and lose just as much weight for less by being more mindful of what you buy at the grocery store.

Eat Lean Protein.

Lean proteins can help you to build muscle mass which can help you to burn more calories. Combining protein consumption with a strength building routine can kick-start your metabolism and get you on your way to the fit, thinner body that you desire.

For Goodness Sakes… Rest Some.

You may be going super hard at the gym and that is a good thing, however, especially if you are lifting heavy… you will need to rest too. Give each muscle group at least a day off before hitting it hard again. For example, if you work your lower body, work on your upper body the next day. Rest days do not mean total lazing around. You can go for a walk or fit in a little cardio. Just don’t overwork those muscles. That can be counterproductive. This is hard to explain in a short article, but your workout regimen will determine how many days you should work each muscle group.

While it often seems impossible when you first start, losing weight is possible. If you stick to your guns with your diet, keep up your exercise routines and enlist the help of a support system around you, you will go far… even if that support system is just a daily reminder to yourself that you can do this.